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Laser Cutting a Jigsaw Puzzle for the Blind

I am part of this year’s Reddit Puzzle Exchange. It’s like secret santa all year long. My recipient asked for a jigsaw puzzle and I knew what I had to do. I’ve wanted to make a jigsaw for the blind for a long, long time. I pictured using a piece of saucy art like Marylyn Monroe’s centerfold from Playboy #1. My laser cutter isn’t up to the task of creating so much detail, so instead I went with a basic black & white image of a Tardis from Doctor Who.

This piece took about 45 minutes to etch and another 10 to cut out. This is before it was cleaned off. Although it’s only 30 pieces, it took me 90 minutes to solve it blindfolded. The etched portion is obvious to the touch.

See the other gallery images on imgur