We charge $2/minute for Laser Cutting. At this time there is no setup fee.

If you are a member of the Vancouver Hack Space we offer a special price of $1/minute.

We supply all the material for cutting. A menu is coming soon.

To laser cut your design, we need a DXF file from you.

I have a DXF file. How much will it cost?

Excellent! You are well organized. Upload the file to us. From there we can

  1. confirm that we can open the file right to do the job and
  2. ask the laser cutter how long the job will take, which gives us the price.

I don’t have a DXF file, but I have an other digital format.

Every major design program today can save as DXF file. Please try the “Save as…” or “Export” options in your software.

I don’t have a digital version of my design.

Marginally Clever does not specialize in design services at this time. We can recommend several great designers who can help you realize your projects.


As of October 2013 Marginally Clever Group charges $125/hour for consultation.